Photo: Tongan government protocol.Photo: Tongan government protocol

Ambassador Kløvstad presents credentials in Tonga

Ambassador Unni Kløvstad visited Tonga 20-24 November to present her credentials to His Majesty King Topou VI. Tonga and Norway has a good relationship, despite the geographical distance that limits bilateral engagements.

The two countries share a common concern with regards to global climate change and the consequences for the vulnerable Island States of the Pacific. As one of the major donors to the Green Climate Fund (Norway has pledged 1,6 billion NOK to the fund over the period 2015-2018), Norway has been actively promoting the need for simplified procedures in order for the small islands developing states (SIDS) to be able to access this vital global climate finance mechanism. As two ocean states, Tonga and Norway also share an ambition to develop opportunities in the ocean space even further in the future.

While in Tonga, Ambassador Kløvstad also met with representatives from the government of Tonga, officials from different part of the public sector, international representatives and NGOs, such as the Women and Children Crisis Centre in Nuku’Alofa.

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