Photo: SBS Norwegian.Photo: SBS Norwegian

NRK Sápmi in Sydney for biennial gathering hosted by Australia’s National Indigenous Television

Director for NRK Sápmi Mona Solbakk and 4 of her editors visited Sydney this week for the World Indigineous Television Broadcastes Conference 2016. The conference is hosted by SBS' NITV in Sydney from Monday 7 to Friday 11 November 2016

WITBN is an alliance made up of members from around the world including NITV - Australia, Māori Television - New Zealand, Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) – Canada, Taiwan Indigenous Television (TITV), TG4 – Ireland, BBC Alba – Scotland, ʻŌiwi TV in Hawai’i and NRK Sápmi in Norway. WITBN members meet every two years to strengthen international partnerships between Indigenous broadcasters.

Mona Solbakk and her colleagues from NRK Sápmi arrived in Sydney Monday to participate in the conference and share ideas with their counterparts from around the world. Mona tells SBS Norwegian she hopes to bring home plans for specific co-productions and ideas on how to meet new demands for media consumptions.

NRK Sápmis main mission is to create content offerings for the Sami population, but the division will also contribute to knowledge and information about the Sami community to the general population. NRK Sápmi’s is headquartered in Karasjok, Finnmark and have district offices all over northern Norway. It is broadcasted nationally all over Norway.

You can listen to SBS Norwegian’s interview with Mona Solbakk here, where seh discussed her delegations' participation at the conference:

SBS Norwegian also spoke with the Norwegian Honorary Consul Rob Lord who attended the opening ceremony:

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