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New student chaplain and pastor in Australia and New Zealand

Last updated: 14.08.2015 //

Kristoffer Lønning Tørressen is finally in place in Sydney after a period without a student chaplain and pastor in Australia and New Zealand.

- I look forward to meeting all the Norwegians who have chosen to live their lives on the other side of the globe, says Tørrressen.

The presence of the Norwegian Church Abroad (Sjømannskirken) is being reorganised, and Tørresen will be roving student chaplain and pastor for Australia and New Zealand.

- Some of the greatest differences between the new and the old organisation is that we no longer have our own building in Sydney and we have reduced our staff. This combined with extensive travel activities, will lead to a reduced presence in Sydney, Tørressen elaborates.  

In Sydney, the new organisation will also entail fewer events arranged by The Norwegian Church Abroad. Church services followed by church coffee, will in the future be held on a monthly basis in rented premises.

- On the other hand, the new organisation opens for a greater presence in other cities, Tørressen adds.

The student chaplain and pastor wishes to be available for Norwegians on an everyday basis, as well as during celebrations and holidays. Tørressen also enhances the importance of building a close relationship with Norwegian students in Australia and New Zealand.

- We know that students are a group under great pressure and high demands, and this pressure does not lessen while the students are abroad; I want to be of support to the Norwegian students while they are here.

Tørresen wants to be a resource and support for Norwegians through both small and big challenges in life.

- We all need someone to confide in, and often it can be an advantage to talk to a professional. I can be such a person and offer support to those who need it, and I am of course obliged to maintain professional secrecy, he adds.

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