Nobel Peace Prize to be announced in Oslo

A week of Nobel prize awards is well underway with awards going to pioneers of research within chemistry, physics and medicine. Today, Friday 7 October at 8 PM AEST the Nobel Peace Prize laureate(s) will be announced by the Norwegian Nobel Committee in Oslo. Since its inception in 1901, 96 Nobel Peace Prices to 101 individuals and 24 organisations have been awarded. The Prize will be awarded during the official ceremony in Oslo City Hall on 10 December - the same date Alfred Nobel passed away.

This prestigious Prize is awarded according to guidelines from Alfred Nobel’s will, the founder of the International Peace Prize. The Prize is given to individuals or organisations that have offered outstanding contributions to international peace and cooperation. The nominations for the prize is submitted to the Norwegian Nobel Committee by eligible nominators, including university rectors, professors, members of national assemblies, governments and previous Peace Prize laureates  Laureate(s) of the Nobel Peace Prize receive a medal, personal diploma, and an award of prize money (currently 8 million Swedish crowns). The Peace Prize is one out of six annual awards, all established in 1901. The remaining five prizes are awarded by specialist committees located in Sweden within the fields of physics, chemistry, physiology, medicine, literature and economics. The Nobel Prize for economic sciences will be awarded Monday 10 October and thereafter for literature.  

More information about the Nobel Peace Prize can be found here and here.

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