Photo: Norwegian Embassy.Photo: Norwegian Embassy

Norwegian contribution to the Sydney New Music Festival

As part of the Sydney New Music Festival, a piece by Norwegian composer Per Christian Arnesen was played by the Sydney Contemporary Orchestra. The concert was attended by the Embassy's Deputy Head of Mission and was described by participants as a great success.

Arnesen has composed chamber music for strings, sinfoniettas, wind and chamber ensembles, piano, big band and symphonic band. He plays clarinet, contrabass and electric bass.

The piece preformed at the Sydney New Music Festival is called 'Piano Accepted'. 'Piano Accepted' was composed in 2006 - 2008, and was made finished for The Sydney Contemporary Orchestra in August 2014. According to Arnesen 'Piano Accepted' is a "jazzy piece, with some contemporary and classical elements, but basically I hope it will capture the listener’s attention as beautiful and exciting music."

Neither the entire work or parts of it have been published before, nor has it been performed or participated in music competitions previously.

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