Photo: Royal Norwegian Embassy Canberra.Photo: Royal Norwegian Embassy Canberra

Tasmania and Norway – opposite ends of the world but closer than you think!

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Australia and Norway share a deep interest and responsibility in maintaining the Antarctic as a peaceful and cooperative space for science and research. Our countries are two of the original claimant states and we cooperate closely in the Antarctic Treaty System and within CCAMLR (convention to ensure sustainable management of the resources in the Southern Ocean). We also share polar history. The famous Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen made Hobart his first port of call after he had reached the South Pole in 1912, and sent the telegram announcing his achievement to the world from the post office there. This was the important historical backdrop for Ambassador Kløvstad’s recent visit to Tasmania, where she met with Gregory Holland, Director of Mawson's Huts Foundation and representatives from the upcoming Australian Antarctic Festival.

On the occasion, Ambassador Kløvstad also hosted a community lunch for Norwegians living in Tasmania and Norwegian companies established in the state (Norske Skog Boyer and Skretting).

From left: Herb Seewang, Ambassador Kløvstad, Mike Sylvester from Plastic Fabrications, Peter Cretan Plastic Fabrications, and Stig Are Støver from Skretting

The ambassador then participated in the diplomatic study trip hosted by the Hon. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Julie Bishop, where the diplomatic community in Canberra was shown and treated to the best Tasmania has to offer.

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Did You Know?

Australia and Norway are the two largest claimants to Antarctica, collectively claiming over 50% of the continent's landmass!