Norwegian citizenship

Citizenship entails affiliation to a state with rights and obligations in relation to that state. Only Norwegian citizens can apply for Norwegian passports.


Citizenship for children:

According to The Act on Norwegian nationality, a child born to a Norwegian mother or father acquires Norwegian citizenship automatically at birth. This applies no matter if the child is born in Norway or abroad, and no matter if the parents were married or not.

Please note that other rules apply for children born before 1 September 2006.

To confirm the child’s citizenship, the identity and citizenship of the mother and the father (or co-mother) of the child must be determined.

Norwegian citizenship may also be acquired for children based on notification, adoption or application.

Please note that Norwegian citizenship acquired at birth, notification or adoption may later be lost.

For more information on how to confirm if you or your child is a Norwegian citizen, please see the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration’s website.

Citizenship by application:

All applications for Norwegian citizenship must be lodged in Norway. The application should be registered online on Application Portal Norway before an appointment is made to submit supporting documents at the local police station in Norway.

All applications for citizenship are forwarded to the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration for processing. You will receive notification in the post once the immigration authorities have received your application. The notification will include information about the expected case-processing time. The following link gives the UDI processing times: Case-processing times.

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration’s website provides information on who can apply for Norwegian citizenship and how to apply. The website also provides checklists for required documentation to provide with your application and a case procedures overview.

Dual citizenship:

As a general rule, Norway does not allow a person to hold dual citizenship. Persons applying for Norwegian citizenship must therefore be released from their previous nationality when becoming Norwegian.

Exceptions may be made in the following cases:

  1. The fee for being released from a previous nationality is unreasonably high,
  2. The process of release takes an unreasonable length of time, or
  3. For reasons of personal security, the applicant should not contact the authorities in his/her home country

Dual citizenship is also allowed for Norwegian citizens who automatically have acquired two or more citizenships. Please note, however, that the Norwegian citizenship may later be lost.

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