Other consular matters

The fees are to be paid in the national currency on the basis of the Embassy's exchange rate at the time. The fee must be paid when the application is submitted. The Norwegian Embassy does not accept American Express, Diners Club or personal cheques. If paying the application fee by cash the applicant must provide the exact amount only. For payment of fees to the Consulates, please contact the... Read more

The Norwegian requirements for transportation of urns are as follows: Read more

A Norwegian birth certificate contains information about a person's name, date of birth, identity number, gender and place of birth. Information about a person's mother and father can also be included. Read more

Norge har fem forskjellige førerkortmodeller som er gyldige for kjøring i Norge. For kjøring utenfor Norge kan reglene variere avhengig av hvilken modell du har og i hvilket land du skal kjøre. Ansvaret for utstedelse av og tilsyn med førerkort tilligger Statens vegvesen. Read more

A criminal record certificate contains information about a person's entries in the police records. A criminal record certificate is required in many professions and when working for voluntary organisations. Criminal record certificates are only issued for the purposes described in laws and regulations and only for specific reasons – not on a general basis. A list of these reasons is available o... Read more

If you wish to change your name, you must notify your local tax office so your new name may be registered correctly in the Norwegian National Registry (Folkeregisteret). Likewise, if your name has ever been changed it is your responsibility to make sure that the name change has been registered in the National Registry. Read more

When using a document issued in one language in another country, you are generally required to provide an official translation together with the original document. The translation requirements may differ, and should always be checked with the authority concerned. Read more

Du som skal til utlandet har ikke automatisk de samme rettighetene i folketrygden som når du er i Norge. Du må selv undersøke hva som gjelder for deg. Read more

Prior to entering into marriage, a set of formal pre-requisites must be examined and deemed to be fulfilled. This includes checking your identity, that you and your future spouse are over 18 years of age, and that neither party is currently married. Read more

The Social Security Agreement between Australia and Norway entered into force on 1 January 2007. The agreement will make life easier for those who have lived and/or worked in both countries. Read more