Information for seafarers onboard Norwegian vessels

The Norwegian Maritime Authority focuses on the seamen’s qualifications and their working and living standards. They maintain and revise the rules and regulations on subjects concerning seamen and undertake controls of the qualifications needed.


Maritime medicals

All seafarers on board Norwegian vessels are required to provide a medical certificate issued in accordance with Regulations of 5 June 2014 No. 805 on medical examination of employees on Norwegian ships and mobile offshore units to ensure that they are medically fit for service. Non-EEA citizens may obtain such medical certificates from seafarer’s doctor approved by Norwegian authorities or by the authorities of a flag state approved by the Norwegian Maritime Authority. A list of approved doctors in Oceania may be found on the Norwegian Maritime Authority’s website.



Any foreign seafarer holding a national certificate issued under the chapters II, III, IV or regulation V/1 paragraph 2 of the 1995 STCW Convention who is to serve on board ships registered with the NIS or NOR, must apply for a Norwegian endorsement based on the seafarer's national STCW'95 certificate. Such endorsement is valid only when accompanied by the valid original certificate.

Applications for endorsement may be registered online by the manning agent, the company or by the seafarer (if holding a STCW certificate issued by a country Norway has an agreement with). Online applications ensure quicker processing, and a Certificate of Receipt of Application (CRA) may be issued for the seafarer automatically via Altinn. Guidance to applications for endorsements and links to the application form, are available on the Norwegian Maritime Authority's website Apply for endorsement

Please note that special rules apply for non-EEA applicants who are to serve as captain on board a Norwegian ship. For such applicants, a CRA cannot be issued until an application for exemption has been received by post and has been registered by the Norwegian Maritime Authority. Information regarding applications for exemption is available here.

GMDSS Certificates may also be endorsed. However, such applications must be sent by post to Telenor Maritime Radio. For more information and links to the manual application form, please click here.



Sea Service:

Norwegian Sea Service Book

A Norwegian Sea Service Book is an identity document reserved for Norwegian seafarers. Non-Norwegian nationals who want an equivalent identity document must obtain this from their country of nationality.

Applications for Norwegian Sea Service Books may be lodged in person at the Norwegian Embassy in Canberra. The application must be in writing (no particular form) and shall contain the following information:

  • First name/given name
  • Surname
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Personal No.
  • Height
  • Sex
  • Place of birth

In addition, the applicant must present the following documentation:

  • Valid Norwegian passport
  • The previous Sea Service Book, if applicable
  • Two identical passport photos
  • Document confirming that the applicant is a seafarer (e.g. employment agreement)
  • Police report, if the previous Sea Service Book is lost
  • Documentation of name change, if the applicant's name differs from that in the passport

Sea Service Books are issued in Norway. The issued books are forwarded to the Embassy or Consulate of the applicant's choice for collection in person. 


Record of Service

Foreign national seafarers employed on Norwegian ships may apply for a Sea Service Record at the Norwegian Embassy in Canberra. The Record of Service is not an identity document, but documents sea service time onboard Norwegian vessels. There is no requirement for the seafarer to hold a Record of Service, however, it is the right for seafarers who want this document to have one.

All applications must be lodged in person, and the applicant must present the following documentation:

  • A valid passport or other authorised proof of identification
  • His/her old Sea Service Record, if applicable
  • Documentation confirming employment onboard a Norwegian registered vessel



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