Norwegian seafarer's doctors

All seafarers on board Norwegian vessels are required to provide a Norwegian medical certificate when signing on to ensure that the employee is medically fit for service. Such medical certificates may only be issued by an especially appointed seafarer’s doctor.


Medical practitioners with practice outside of Norway are approved as seafarer's doctors by a Norwegian foreign service mission on behalf of the Norwegian Maritime Authority. Approval as seafarer's doctors is granted for a period of one to five years.

The approval may be withdrawn if it is likely that the medical practitioner no longer satisfies the conditions for approval or that the medical practitioner's administrative procedure is not in compliance with the requirements of these Regulations or the Public Administration Act.


How to apply?

If you wish to be approved for conducting Norwegian maritime medicals, you must send your written application in original by post to the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Canberra. The application must include the following documentation:

The act of lodging an application does not guarantee approval as a Norwegian seafarer’s doctor. Your application will be assessed by the Embassy based on the provided documentation and the need for approved doctors in your geographical area. The Embassy may on request provide a preliminary assessment of the need for further doctors in your geographical area before you attend a course in maritime medicine approved by the Norwegian Maritime Authority. However, such assessment cannot take into account future changes, and does not guarantee approval if an application is later lodged.

All applications will be assessed individually in the order they are received. Approved doctors will receive a conditional approval letter from the Embassy. Before you can begin conducting Norwegian maritime medicals, you must obtain a Norwegian national ID-number or “D-number” and log-in details for the online portal for submission of electronic medical certificates. Information regarding this process will be included in the approval letter. Once you are ready to use the electronic submission system, the Embassy will issue you with an “Approval Certificate”.    


How to renew an existing approval?

Applications for renewal of an existing approval should be lodged with the Embassy no later than one month before your existing approval expires. The application must include the following documentation:

Certain transitional arrangements apply to doctors approved before 1 July 2014. For further information, please contact the Embassy.

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